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Friday Favorites – 12/3/10

(Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these!  What can I say? I’m a slacker.)


As someone who got engaged at 20 and married at 21, I heartily agree.


Add one of these baskets to the list of “things I didn’t know I needed ’till I saw it but now I must have it.”


Just in case you live on top of a mountain in Peru and somehow haven’t read this yet…  (warning:  may cause laughter-induced death)


Is it too early to get excited?


This should be mandatory reading for anybody who supports homebirth.  Or opposes it.


Mmmm…apple latkes!


Lol forever.


Gorgeous tattoo – so rich, balanced, and pretty!


Friday Favorites – 11/5/10

Is this table-turned-doghouse not the cutest thing EVER?


How much naan do I have?  None naan.  How much naan do I want?  Lotsa naan.  (That second bit doesn’t really work, does it?)


Comparative drug harmfulness chart.  No comment.


Walnut maple bars with shortbread crust.  Tell me, what’s not to love?


Hospital birth put into perspective – how much has really changed?


If I ever get my blueberry tattoo, it will be vaguely reminiscent of this.


I think I’ve failed to fulfill every single item in this vintage etiquette guide at some point in the past.  OK well maybe not *every* one.




Happy weekend, all 🙂



Friday Favorites – 10/29/10

I do this too.

White bean and artichoke dip. Mmmm…


Babywearing testimony.  Wonderful.

Hmm…am intrigued by this future.

Holy crap I could haul EVERYTHING with this!  Including my detarded goggie!

I still have trouble with this concept.

This is on my list of “things to make when Jeff’s gone next summer and can’t complain about me serving mushrooms for dinner.”

Makes ya think, doesn’t it?

Childhood epitomized“.  YES.

Interesting read re: “Dirty Jobs” (and not just the TV show)

Ten ways modern obstetrics ignores evidence.

So pretty and festive!

How to pre-draft fiber.  My spinning is about to get a lot better.


If I were rich, and had Hooplings

Friday Favorites – 10/15/10

I would like to be this awesome.


::headdesk::  I weep for what the present is doing to the future.


Great Sunday Sweets from CW.


Prettiest baby-measurer I’ve ever seen!  I love this idea!


For me, every week is wool week.


Based off this, I should eat a ton of meat and fat, moderate amounts of highly processed carbs, only a little bit of  vegetarian protein, and almost no fruits or veggies.


Great idea, but who would want to scrub soap scum off these things?


Beautiful – I may have to get this!


Cute little tattoo.




Amazing guide to green cleaning products – most of these “recipes” are pretty similar to my own.


Guilty as charged.


Swiss chard, onion and cheese frittata.  Yum!


Well said, former free-range kid.  Well said.


Heh heh heh yeah….


Pretty fall photos 🙂


Amazing Pashley ads.  Which also makes me think that their target demographic is girls named Kate, too.

Friday Favorites – 10/8/10

This is how I prefer to think of the post-oil landscape.


I love the Cornett familyLinger on these photos.  Absorb them.  Love the details.


If I live in the city, I want my house to look like this.


Entryway inspiration.


These are what I call “breakfast cookies.”  Guess what I’m going to do with them? 😀


Rechelle does it again.  I die laughing.  BRILLIANT.


Great kid’s project!


I’d love to start making my own medicines and cosmetics.  I have so many recipes bookmarked…


Hauntingly beautiful.


Good advice which I shall completely fail to follow.


I’ll make this some night that mushroom-hating Jeff isn’t home.


Beautiful floral tattoo.  Love the placement, too! (and one good turn deserves another)


Prufrock for the 21st century.  Amazing!  (original here, if you never took 10th grade English.  It has been – and always will be – one of my favorite poems)


I’ve made apple chips before, but it’s been a while.  Maybe this weekend? 🙂


How wonderful this would be.


Good news as we work towards ending plastic bags.


I’ve never wanted to copy a tattoo more than right now.  But I won’t.


Mmm pumpkin granola!


OK call me crazy (I dare you!) but from this angle, when you squint, doesn’t it sort of like like an AT-AT skeleton?


Great (non-knitterly) post from the Yarn Harlot.


Brilliant.  Amazing. And also, not a plastic bag. 😀


My Netflix queue is growing


That may be one of my most favorite FF compilations EVER.  Really.  Hope you enjoyed it too!

Friday Favorites – 9/24/10

Never before have I wanted a stone patio as much as I do RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

Maple apple ginger cake.  And I just so happen to have two bags of apples in my kitchen.  Hmmm…

Wow.  WOW.

Nutri-Grain bar replacement?  Possibly…  (will let you know)

This truly terrifies me.  Really, truly, TERRIFIES.

I just died from the pretty.  But don’t make the same mistake I did – reading about this castle’s history will take away the special.  I promise.

Makes me want to be a teacher, just so I can say this.

Amazing D*S collection:  bikes.

Love this post – inside and out.  I may take a stab at my own version of that list…

Mmmmm baked scallops!  I’ve gotta try this 🙂

Friday Favorites – 9/17/10

I have just the linen yarn for this supercute kerchief

OMG SO TRUE.  I was *always* the first one awake at sleepovers.  And I’d lay quietly as long as I could ’till I heard my friend’s parents woke up and then I’d usually wander into the kitchen and sit there feeling awkward and drinking an unusual brand of orange juice and watching the clock ’till my mom would come pick me up.  UGH.

Amazing library desk.  But how could they stand to lose so many books?!

More library porn – only with a 19th-century twist.

I’m making pumpkin cream cheese tomorrow, y’all.  Just so ya know.

Love it.

Could this be the best Cake Wrecks ever?  Perhaps…

I want to make them all!

Note to self:  make challah.

Fine art, Star Wars style.  Just what it sounds like.

Delicious easy appetizer idea?  yes please! 🙂

Great post on cycle commuting.  I know that “there already?  Aww…” feeling.

I think Bed Intruder is my favorite meme of the year.


Friday Favorites – 9/3/10

So cute.

Love this cozy bedroom.

Another great wall collage thingy.  I’ve gotta learn the secret to non-crappy wall collage thingies.

Adorable housewarming baskets.  Brilliant idea!

Note to self – make a list like this!


How good would this be with a nice smear of baba ganoush?

Pretty sure I’m related to one (or both) of these crazy kids.

Yes, yes I do.

Great.  Now I want bees.


Jeff denies it, but I’m pretty sure he made this GraphJam.

So. Stinkin’. Cool.

Ingenious – and infinitely useful!

Yeah, pretty much.


Guess which one is my favorite?  (hint: they all are)

Want to make!

Five lessons every kid should learn (and most adults could use a refresher course too).

Why didn’t I think of this?

No, MY new room.  In my dreams.

Friday Favorites – 8/27/10

Now I wanna take Roxie camping!

A terrifying sight for knitters.

Super-cute saddle cover.  I covet one!

If this isn’t the most gorgeous use of color EVER, then I don’t know what is.

Zucchini cookies? I’ll give it a shot 🙂


LOVE this meme!

Yet another reason to go to Maine!

I love these flow chart thingies.

Here’s the D-L on formula.  For realz.  Damn consumption-obsessed society.  (Oh and also this.  Wonderful.)

Anne Frank’s tree falls.  Sadness. 😦

This is what I’ve been saying all along, y’all.

Insanity.  And I mean that in a good way.

Solid advice.

Acid? I’d say more like good ol’ fashioned Wild Turkey.

Threadless + cake wrecks = a match made in heaven.

I’d cut a bitch to have this view.

Anybody ever tried reusable gift wrap?

Officially my find o’ the week.

Sweet relish!  I’ve gotta get canning 🙂

Funny ‘cuz it’s true!


Friday Favorites – 8/13/10

Gotta make this quick, Jeff wants to go to Ted Drewe’s and I *guess* I’ll indulge him 😛


I fully support street art of this nature.

So cute I almost died.

Hyperbole and a Half wins again.

Great compilation!

Why haven’t I tried making baguette yet?  Oh yes.  The laziness.

Best use of color in a tattoo that I’ve seen in a LONG while.  J’adore!


Amazing afghan, amazing act of kindness by Thi.  Love it!

Orange-pecan sticky buns with dates and cranberries.  What else is there to say?

On writing and education.

Little House Cookbook!  I *must* buy this for HH’s.  Yeeahhhh…HH’s. ::solemn nod::

I am physically pained by this photo.  The windsuits and turtlenecks bring up childhood memories I’d *thought* I’d repressed.  ::shudder::

I love pun dog!

This is my new favorite.

OK LAST recipe of the week.  I promise.  But you can’t miss these banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

I can’t decide if this makes me happy or sad.

One more.  That’s it.  NOW I’m done.  I mean it this time.

PS>Don’t click here.  Unless you find caramel and chocolate completely unappealing anyway, and won’t be tempted.