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Many thanks to everyone for the comments, Facebook posts, texts and emails congratulating us on our  impending addition!  We are so stinkin’ excited to meet Garfunkel.  Based off the pancake theory of birth order, this one should be even better than Simon! (Nooooooooooo)


Speaking of my most favorite bigboy, I juuuuust got him down for a nap.  He’s having a very Toddler day today, complete with “tired but don’t want to sleep” fussiness, “not THAT water bottle!” pickiness, and also adorable fun at every turn.  So I’m consoling myself with an Amy’s pizza pocket and some veggie chips for lunch.


He’s got this new trick that I tried SO hard to get a picture of, but completely failed.  We call it the “demon imp” face.  He pulls it with no warning, and it’s the most laugh-out-loud ridiculous combination of furrowed brow, sly smile, and upcast glance.  It’s just…oh I have got to take a picture.  He did it once at dinner last night and Jeff and I both just DIED, then at breakfast he did it again.  We were Skyping with my mom this morning and he started doing it on demand, egged on by Mom and me cackling every time he pulled the face.


Every time I head into the kitchen to work now (even if it’s just to wipe down the counters or make a snack), Simon follows me in and pushes a kitchen chair up to the counter to help me cook.  And he won’t take no for an answer.  He helped me throw together our dinner salad the other day:


And yesterday we made some jam bars.  He tested them out, taking his role quite seriously, this morning:


He’s been a clingy sleeper lately; I’ve had trouble extricating during his naps (there was a 45-minute intermission in my post here when he roused just long enough to get me thoroughly stuck).  But it’s hard to mind too much; before long I won’t be able to nap under him all the time like this.

His little head still smells so nice.  Sweet and salty and warm.


Today is National Frozen Yogurt day so I think we’re going to run to Menchie’s for dessert tonight.  (I’m going to do Indian food from the TJ’s frozen section for dinner).  If you Like Menchie’s on Facebook you’ll get a coupon for 6 oz free, today only.  Sweet!  (Or tart)


And now I’m going to try and finish folding laundry before my helper wakes up.


Happy Thursday!


Pookie Express*

Good morning, Internet!

How are you?

I’ve missed you.

I’ve been away, you see.  (You may not have noticed.  I know that if I weren’t me, *I* wouldn’t have noticed.  Chew on that.)

Nothing tragic, just a lot of 15+ hour workdays and some Big Events which involved meeting People.  And you know if there’s one thing I like less than Big Events, it’s meeting People.  Even when the people are all exceedingly kind and polite and forgiving of a well-meaning novice such as myself.

Saturday night, when it was all over, I had a good cry in the privacy of my office.  Then I biked home, slept for 5 hours (it wasn’t enough) and spent my entire Sunday cloistered in a couchnest next to Hanky Mountain, feeling as though my entire face might slide off along with the rivulets of snot.  Allergy season can suck it.

So I guess that’s my way of saying that the past two-ish weeks can be summarized as:

1)Lots of work

2)Horrible allergies


So it’s not all bad, you see.  There was FroYo.


*I just told my co-worker – “Quick! Give me a title!”  This is what he said.


I just left a comment on a friend’s blog, and where it said “Name” I started to type “Stef….” before I realized that it meant *my* name, not *her* name.  Am I totally new to this Intartubes thing?  Apparently.

Jeffquote o’ the day, last night while watching HP4 (yeah I Tweeted this too):  “‘Binding magical contract’?!”  He just doesn’t have a good enough lawyer.”

I tried kefir for the first time yesterday.  It was good; it tasted like melted tart FroYo.

I also had tart FroYo last night.  Non-melted.  Delicious.

My garden has one tomato that’s starting to look reddish!  And another that is green!  And blossoms for about 40 billion peppers!

I worked ’till after 7:00 last night.  Downtown St. Louis early on a Friday evening is a ghost town.  Surreal.

I love when you reach that point with someone that you can just glance at them in conversation and they’ll know that you’re referencing an inside joke.

Othello is an asshole who spends too much time pestering me and knocking shit off assorted tables, counters, and shelves.  Who wants a cat?

And now, I go…for crafting and movie-watching and other necessary Saturday relaxing.