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Friday Favorites – 9/3/10

So cute.

Love this cozy bedroom.

Another great wall collage thingy.  I’ve gotta learn the secret to non-crappy wall collage thingies.

Adorable housewarming baskets.  Brilliant idea!

Note to self – make a list like this!


How good would this be with a nice smear of baba ganoush?

Pretty sure I’m related to one (or both) of these crazy kids.

Yes, yes I do.

Great.  Now I want bees.


Jeff denies it, but I’m pretty sure he made this GraphJam.

So. Stinkin’. Cool.

Ingenious – and infinitely useful!

Yeah, pretty much.


Guess which one is my favorite?  (hint: they all are)

Want to make!

Five lessons every kid should learn (and most adults could use a refresher course too).

Why didn’t I think of this?

No, MY new room.  In my dreams.

Friday Favorites – 6/4/10

Indeed they are, good sir.

Well duh, everybody knows that!

I like the Bloggess funny, and I like the Bloggess serious.

A must-read.

I’m gonna make one of these on Monday.  Or, at least I’ll try.  We shall see.

Mmm…good recipe for if any of my pepper plants bear fruit! (err…bear veggies, that is)

I had one, and it was my favorite.

Eradicating pervasive anti-intellectualism?  Git ‘er done!

The Bechdel Test – fascinating, scary, sad, and eye-opening.  Love it.

::drool:: – bookshelf porn!

Ingenius!  I love the use of belts as rack straps, especially (that’s only as dirty as you wanna make it, m’dears).

Can’t wait to try these stuffed portabello mushrooms!  This will be a good one for a Jeff-free evening (he’s anti-mushroom) 🙂

I couldn’t agree more.

Holy crap I love Steve Martin.

Friday Favorites – 4/9/10

This made me snort grapefruit up my nose this morning.  Thanks, Unhappy Hipsters.

And this made me snort grapefruit up my nose last night.  What can I say? I like grapefruit.

My ideal kitchen.  Really.  I mean it.  (Well, almost).

I must knit this!

I love The Feminist Breeder’s way of summing up my food philosophy (well, almost.  I’m not sure my great-grandmother knew much about stevia or tofu ;-))

Gorgeous.  Adorable.  Perfect.

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard, but I did.  And then I emailed it to my friends and family and co-workers.  And now they think I’m sadistic.

Scarily enough, this is more-or-less accurate.

Next time I’m driving through Rocheport I’m reeeeallly gonna try and find this playground!

Brilliant!  But what if I want to send a letter to someone who lives southeast of me? Or northeast?  Or any direction besides west-northwest?

This wasn’t from my Momma, but it could’ve been.

Another post from The Feminist Breeder.  Should be required reading for anyone who has, has ever had, may ever have, or ever was a baby.


Oh how I wished I could’ve done something like this back in college when I was working in a call center.

Y’know, I hadn’t really thought about it before.  But I guess so…  (However, you’ve also gotta consider that we’re the first species with the intelligence and means to override natural selection…)

How have I never heard of this movie before?  And how mad will Jeff get if I move it to the top of our Netflix queue?

New feature: Friday Favorites, January 8 2010

Here’s a new feature I thought I’d try out – I’m calling it “Friday Favorites”, and every Friday (that’s the goal, at least) I’ll share links to blog posts and articles which I’ve particularly enjoyed in the past week.   The links will run the gamut from knitblogs to current events, big famous bloggers to little ones like myself.  I hope you enjoy!

Bright Side Dweller posted what may be the cutest outfit I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely fell in love with her shoes.  Naturalizer has a couple similar styles right now, and I think I’m headed to the mall tonight after work! 🙂

Design*Sponge shared a couple of amazing before and afters.  The bell jars are just brilliant – I can’t wait to thrift some old clocks and try it out for myself!  And that play kitchen is adorable – one to file away for a few years down the road 😉

I’ll be trying Smitten Kitchen’s caramel pudding recipe (with skim milk!) this weekend.  Wish me luck!

It’s Not All Mary Poppins wrote an amazing post on too much empathy in dealing with little ones’ minor owies.  I wish I’d read this when I was still teaching!  I’m afraid that I was definitely a coo-er.

LOVE this barn photo (and all the others posted, too!) discovered by TYWKIWDBI and originally posted on Der Spiegel.

Windows Assistant just flat-out made me LOL.

An amazing post by Historic Stitcher on the disposable nature of clothing in today’s society.

Vegetarian mushroom barley soup? Yes, please!  Thanks to Two Peas and Their Pod.

Here’s a drop-dead-beautiful outfit posted by The Hidden Seed.  I adore everything about it!

Matt Logelin shared photos from the North Shore of Lake Superior (and his adorable daughter Madeline).  Was my first time seeing it in the dead of winter, and WOW.  Still love that area.

Sal with Already Pretty shared her outfit list method of dressing and planning, and it’s going to change my life.

The Glamorous Grad Student posted an amazingly helpful tutorial on how to buy boots that won’t look dated after just one season.  I was glad to see that all of my pairs meet her criteria (or sidestep them entirely :-P)

Have a good weekend, everyone!  Anybody got any big plans?

(I’ll be getting a haircut, taking my black boots in to be re-heeled, and hitting up a few thrift stores.  Does the excitement never end? :-D)