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Evading cabin fever

I had the best intentions to blog yesterday, but it didn’t work out.  It shouldn’t really be working out today, either, but I’ve bought Simon’s silence with an oatmeal cookie (we baked them this morning.  Pecans, dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries. Yum!)

So here we are.  Better make this quick!

Our weekend was pretty darn close to perfect.  On Saturday we went up to Cleveland to check out West Side Market (I had SUCH a fun time there last fall with Megan and Marin, and wanted to share it with Jeff) and play tourists for a while.

I love that place; it’s well worth the drive!  Of course, it’s completely different on a Saturday morning than it is during the middle of the week (DUH), and crowds are, err…not our favorite thing.  But Simon was snug in the Tula, so Jeff and I dodged the crowds and bought all the pastries our canvas bag would hold:

And fancy olives.  And dolmas.  YUM.

So crowded.  So neat!

Then we walked over to Great Lakes Brewing for lunch.  I had fish and chips; Jeff had a ridiculously good beer, one of their brewery exclusives (I had a few sips) and a really good brat with pierogis (he alleges.  Like hell I’m touching a flesh-stuffed intestinal tube.)  Simon made do with scraps from home, like usual. Poor baby.

We weren’t quite ready to head back to Akron after lunch, so we decided to check out Cleveland’s natural history museum.

And there we saw OMG DUCKS!

Pretty sure this was the highlight of Simon’s little life; he was absolutely captivated.  And chilling there with his sleepy eyes in his little stroller, it was more than a little reminiscent of an old man sitting at a nursing home (and would’ve been sorta sad if it hadn’t been so cute :-P).

We eventually dragged him away, though, and he quickly resumed his ornery toddler-y ways:

Little stinker. He’s my favorite.

As one might expect, he conked out on the drive home and was OK with a quiet evening with Mama Daddy.  On Sunday we just hung out around the house and did some chores; pretty quiet.

Yesterday was “challenging”.  Someone was in full-on Toddler Mode all day, and it wasn’t necessarily the person you’d expect.  By 5:00 I was ready to scream, so we escaped to the post office and the grocery store (exciting!), then picked up Jeff from work.  Jeff made the very wise decision to entertain Simon almost all evening, leaving me free to unwind (you know…do dishes and laundry. :-\)  It was actually a pretty good time for everyone.

He determined earlier today that sleep is for babies and since he is a big boy, naps are completely unnecessary.  See how well that worked out:

We worked on a nap for 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission in which I took a nice long shower while he stood at the baby gate and talked to me.  I warned him that his days of endless pacifier boob are numbered, but to no avail.  Toddlers are not well known for their foresight or appreciation.

So, bedtime tonight should be interesting. I predict he’ll either  go down in 5 minutes, or 75.  Who wants to take bets?

I’m starting to feel guilty about parking my butt in front of the computer for so long, so I’d best be off.  Simon and I have been reading “Where Is Your Nose?” off and on as I write.  He can now consistently identify his eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, hair, tum, hands, knees, and feet.  Even when the book isn’t in front of him.  Big smart boy!  Tomorrow we start calculus.


It never. stops. snowing.

I tweeted this the other day, but I seriously feel like I am the only person in the northern half of the US who isn’t sick to death of snow by now.  We got another 4″  or so overnight, and with today’s shoveling the drifts are officially higher than our car.  I’d take a picture but I haven’t been outside yet (Jeff missed the bus and drove himself to work).  I think Simes and I are going to take Roxie on a walk later, though, because despite the snow it’s actually not super cold.

Let’s see…it’s been over a week since I posted.  What’s been going on?

I finished an AWESOME project and am dying to show it off but I have to keep it under wraps for a while yet (the recipient checks in here every now and again).  I’m also trucking along on Jeff’s mansocks (yawwwwnnnnnn) and when I finish those I’m going to reward myself by FINALLY casting on for Catkin.  I’ll only be, like, the last person on earth to knit it.  I have some yummy Dyeabolical Tenacious Tencel fingering weight set aside for it.  It’ll be the first thing I’ve knit for myself since, well, those stripey knee socks (which are now hibernating) that I cast on right before we moved to Ohio.  SOMEONE (a pointed look in Simon’s direction) has severely curtailed my knitting time, what with his need for “food” and “diapers” and “stories” and “playing” and “interaction”.  Jeez.

We managed to get our act together and hit storytime on Thursday.  These storytimes are SO much better than the one we went to in LA.  More chaotic, but more fun.  Also, there are at least 4 other pregnant moms in the toddler group (plus the teacher/librarian, too).  I’d try to make friends if I weren’t so damn shy.  And of course the kids are still a little too young to really play with each other, so there’s not even really the whole “hey your kid and my kid like to play together! Want to come to our house for a playdate?” opening.  Ah well.  Moving in 6 months anyway; I’ll just try harder to make more friends in our next city.

Simon was LOVING the tunnels during the free play time:

After storytime was over we weren’t quite ready to go home but didn’t have any errands to do, so I called Jeff and asked if we could take him to lunch (one of the benefits of living 5 minutes down the road from his work!).  We also seized the opportunity to get official “helping Daddy at work” pictures for this office:

Simon is terribly helpful, you see.

Because Jeff and I are boring and old, we didn’t make any plans for Valentine’s Day.  But then it turned out that Sarah was free, and there was a showing of the Lego Movie that ended before Simon’s bedtime, and when the stars align so perfectly you can’t just not take advantage of it.  So we ditched the baby and went on a romantic date to see a kid’s movie (lol).  AND IT WAS AWESOME.  It’s one of those movies that really truly isn’t just a kid’s movie or a grownup movie.  I really can’t remember the last time I liked a movie so well.  Can’t wait to get it on Blu-Ray and share it with Simes when he’s a bit older 🙂

On Saturday we decided to head up to Cleveland and visit the children’s museum, since our last couple of family adventures have been more grownup oriented (the Akron art museum doesn’t really hold a lot of entertainment value for the under-2 set ;-)).  It was a little bit expensive for the three of us to get in ($8/person, even though there wasn’t really anything even remotely interesting for grownups), but Simon LOVED the whole thing so I guess he got $24 worth of fun out of it for all of us.  (Seriously though – since kids get reduced/free admission to a lot of grownup events, doesn’t it seem like grownups should get it for kid events?  It’s not like Jeff and I were personally enriched by the fake grocery store or fire truck setups).

Here is where I spam you, big time.  Sorry (not sorry).

We spent the first half hour or so in a play area that was done up like a farm, for the really young crowd:

Simon spent most of his efforts repeatedly mowing the carpet, but he also took a turn on the tumbling/crawling mats and played with the silo/crops activity.  At one point when we’d just been there for a few minutes, Jeff and I were watching him play and Jeff said to me:  “See how he’s over playing all alone?  I wish he’d play with the other kids.”  I told Jeff, “What do you think we’re doing?”  We looked around and sure enough, across the room was a cluster of other parents all socializing, while we were off in the opposite corner with our arms crossed.


At least we know where he gets it 😛

Also, one of the moms in the room was wearing a “flags of the confederacy” t-shirt with camo pants and combat boots.  I’m not sure they would’ve been our type, anyway.

More than the farm area, though, Simes loved the suspension bridge that was in the “city” (bank/grocery store/doctor’s office area):

After a few hesitant steps, he was trotting back and forth across it like a pro.

But the best thing of ALL was the water activity.  This thing was so cool, even as a grownup.  (Maybe I did get my $8 worth after all)

They had rain jackets in every size and step stools for the little ones, and Simon immediately cozied up to the table and set to work.

For a while, his primary occupation consisted of holding his arm over a spout and sending water jetting up his sleeve (so much for the cute little rain jacket).

Explaining his master plan to Daddy:

They had a bunch of bath and pool toys, magnetic fishing poles and random floaties:


Further upstream (we were at the downstream end) there were more complicated things set into the table – mechanical water wheels, locks, etc. – but those were arranged at a higher level (apparently for older kids and, you know, gravity) so we didn’t mess with them too much.  Not gonna lie, I sort of wanted to go play, but Jeff wouldn’t let me shove 6-year-olds out of the way.

Once the little dude was thoroughly waterlogged and getting cranky, we headed home (after a full wardrobe change in the car, of course).  He conked out before we even made it onto the highway.  Success!

Sunday was quiet – Jeff judged a mock trial thing and we ran out for haircuts and FroYo – and that was our weekend!  Just right 🙂

We’ve officially reached the stage where I adore sleepy Simon pictures more than ever, as they belie the sheer chaos that encircles his every waking moment.  I look at pictures like this and he’s just so quiet and peaceful and I love it.  But then he wakes up and we go spin in circles and play fetch with the dog and build  massive block towers just to kick them down, and that’s even more fun.

Isn’t he just utterly kissable?

This afternoon we’re making 12-grain sandwich bread:

I use this recipe and Bob’s Red Mill 12-grain cereal, which makes the whole thing so easy that most of the time it’s honestly more convenient than going to the store.  And it tastes like a gazillion times better too, because DUH.  (Also I add 2T each of vital wheat gluten and soy lecithin, because I can.  It also helps the dough have a little more resilience, while still being soft and tender.  Come to think of it, I could use some vital wheat gluten and soy lecithin for myself. :-P)

And now I need to go tend to my dough and build some of those aforementioned block towers.  Hi-YA!

Good stuff!

We’ve had a fun past couple of days!


Most excitingly, Jeff came home last night.  As soon as he walked in the door Simon started bouncing up and down and screeching and giggling, and then he was stuck to Daddy for the rest of the evening.  Before Jeff even had his coat off, Simon had dragged him back to the playroom and was trying to entice him into a game of “Big Bear Eats Baby Tummies”.  Because apparently I just can’t play that right 😉


And for what it’s worth, Jeff insists that he didn’t sleep well in that fancy hotel bed all alone; that he really does sleep better balanced precariously on the edge of the bed with Simon’s stinky diaperbutt in his face and my icecube feet wedged between his knees.  Even though I have trouble believing it, it was nice of him to say. 😀


For once, I was grateful for Roxie’s alarm system yesterday afternoon; I was expecting some fluffy mail and didn’t want to let it languish out of my embrace one moment longer than necessary.  Behold!

That’s a dyed Anthracite Hemp Indio 6 (40% hemp) that I bought off the big swap on FB.  I am madly in love with the color.  This isn’t quite accurate, but it’s more or less right:

I don’t know who the dyer was; I’m at least the 4th (and final! :)) owner of this wrap.  The lady I bought it from thinks she was the third owner.  The real color is a lot more dimensional and luminous than in that braided picture. It’s deep and vibrant and doesn’t contrast a lot with the black weft.  I LOVE it.


Simon was positively weightless in this thing; even in a super quick’n’crappy ruck/BWCC hybrid thing (does that even have a name?).  Usually he doesn’t come running when I get out a wrap (though he’ll sit patiently and be cooperative while I get him up there), but yesterday he started hopping up and down before I even got it around his shoulders and supermanned him up.  Maybe this is his new favorite too? 😉


I wore him for an hour’s worth of housework and puttering around, and apart from a couple little adjustments (I had trouble getting him in a good seat), it was totally effortless babywearing.  Like a feather!


This is my first hemp wrap, and it’s really interesting.  I think I’m still a linen girl at heart (especially since thick smushy Nati linen is a thing), but NOTHING makes Simon feel as weightless as this hemp!  It’s a little unyielding so I know I would’ve found it frustrating as a beginner, but it’s substantial and blankety enough that it’s fairly easy to spread my passes, etc.  It sort of reminds me of my SNN, actually, only more supportive.  If my SNN is cheesecake (a little temperamental but rich and filling), then this is an oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie:  hearty and unpretentious but still sweet.


Sorry.  Enough wrap geekery.  I’m just happy 🙂


Now that Simes is really over that cold from a couple weeks ago, we decided to venture back to storytime this morning.  (ie the germ pit that infected us in the first place).


I LOVE seeing him interact with other kids.  When he’s just surrounded by adults and is snug on Jeff or me, Simon is flirtatious and engaging and charming (we joke that his catchphrase is, “I’m cute and I know it!” a la LMFAO).  But when we’re around other kids, he’s a lot more reserved.  Not standoffish, exactly, just a little more inclined to hang back and observe, rather than jump into the morass.  I can tell you that he’s not scared or tense, just…apart.  After a few minutes he’ll warm up, step by step, (usually checking in with me every couple moments) until he’s adjacent to the action, but he keeps the oddest look on his face: like he’s not quite sure what to make of it, these babies with their silly fumbling ways and loud noises.  He participates in parallel play and cooperates with the group for songs, dances, etc., so it’s all totally developmentally appropriate. He’s just not a social butterfly where those odd “toddler” creatures are concerned.


Wait, I have the perfect metaphor:


I can’t wait ’till he learns how to write field notes 😉


In a complete non sequitor, guess who has discovered pockets?

So nonchalant. 😛


(When I took his coat off him, he stuck his hands in the bib of his overalls and has been walking around like that ever since.  Like a tiny little farmer!)


Anyway, storytime today was all well and good until the giant parachute came out and another kid bumped into him, sending Simon dramatically crashing to the floor in a most theatrical fashion.  My usual policy with that sort of thing is to take care of his emotional needs (dry the tears, y’know), but then throw him right back up onto the saddle.  I don’t want him to be one of those whiny little porcelain kids.  But for whatever reason today he refused to be thrown (metaphorically or otherwise), and every time I tried to set him down he just whimpered and pointed to the door.  So we left storytime early, got a few books, and headed home.


Once we got away from the other  chimps  toddlers, Simon quickly remembered that he’s a big boy and rest is for weenies.  But joke’s on him, because I have magic boobs.  So HA!

Which means  I’d better get in and figure out what I’m fixing for dinner.  Yay!


Have a good rest of today, y’all.

4 to go!

I should be packing, not sitting on my butt eating cold mac and cheese and icy Diet Coke.  BUT LOOK AT ME GO.


Part of it is because Simes is asleep in the bedroom, and I’ve learned the hard way that I really cannot pack while he’s napping.  The RRRIIIIIIPPPPPP of the packing tape, the clanging of pots and pans – it wakes him right up.  So instead I shall sit on my ass and knit a knee sock and talk at y’all.


We’ve had a busy morning.  Drove Jeff to work since I packed his bike pump (after he pumped his tires, TYVM) but his front tire isn’t holding air.  So this is my penance for being on top of things. 😛  Then Simon had a pediatrician’s appointment way up in Pasadena – just a quick jab for his flu shot.    After that, I decided to reward myself that he barely cried (shut up, there’s logic there).  So I went into this coffee shop by the pediatrician’s office, feeling all righteous and “lah de DA look at me not going to Starbucks!  I’m supporting a local business! Hurr durr durr”.


My reward was a creepy little place that was empty at 10:00am, a green tea smoothie made from powder + ice + milk, and (I noticed in the bakery case on my way out) a spot of mold on the displayed muffins.

I will not be going back.


As I’ve been doing these last-minute errands before the move, knowing full well I’ll never see any of the people I interact with ever again, I’ve been saying little goodbyes inside my head:  “So long, Brenda the receptionist at the vet’s office!”  “Goodbye, bank teller lady who always compliments my wraps!”  “Rudy! Our favorite photographer at JC Penney!  Farewell!”  It’d be pretty damn lame to actually say goodbye to any of these people – like they know me from a hole in the wall anyway – but I still feel the need to inwardly commemorate the occasion.


I’m also doing it to places:  “Au revoir, stupid weird intersection!”  “Adios, Target Starbucks that always screws up my chai!”  “Sayonara, mail drop box that looks like it wants to give me tetanus!”


Probably should see about adjusting the ol’ meds, eh?


I’ll end with a couple pictures from Simon’s 1-year session.  It continues to baffle me how I managed to create something so stinkin’ beautiful.

(My real kid – the one with the lazy eye and mole-y skin and lank hair – is probably still waiting to be picked up at the St. Mary’s NICU.)


(I love that one.  A grandma in the waiting room nearly had a heart attack when we took it. :-D)


So dignified!


That last one reminds me so much of Jeff’s official clerk portrait:

So maybe Simon’s not a NICU switcheroo after all. 😛


Time to stop dredging apple slices in Greek yogurt and get to work.  TO ZEE KUH-NITTINK!


Less than a week!

This weekend was pretty awesome.  Jeff and Simon enjoyed a LOT of quality time together, while I worked on packing.  (Jeff says – rightfully so – that it’s better for him not to try and pack, since I’d just yell at him for doing it wrong.  Smart man.)  So my boys left me at home to get stuff done, while they went off on such exciting adventures as “get the oil changed!”, “buy more bubble-wrap!” and “walk the dog!”.  Regardless of the packing, though, I think some one-on-one quality Daddy Time is good for Mr. Simes.  Learn that he can exist without a boob 2 feet away, you know.

It all paid off, too.  The living room is now completely packed, except for the things we can’t do without (Simon’s toys, iPod dock, and PS3), and that’ll all be quick and easy to pack on Saturday or whatever.  The blue room is long since done.  The bedroom is mostly done, except for my top-of-dresser stuff (jewelry boxes, hankies, coin jar).  That’s 1 box and will take about 10 minutes.  Bathrooms will just take a minute and obviously need to wait a few more days.

That just leaves the kitchen.  Ugh.  Jeff got all our appliance boxes out of the storage unit on Saturday (knife block, KitchenAid, slow cooker).  I just need to buckle down and do it.  I hate packing the kitchen.  Everything is so fiddly and breakable and I always pack up some tool then realize the next day that I need it.  But last night I made us channa masala and naan and these little tandoori wraps for dinner (thank you TJ’s frozen section!) and I made a big deal about it being the ceremonial LAST COOKING EVERRRRR in that shoebox kitchen, so now we’re on tofu dogs, sandwiches and yogurt full-time.  Whee!

Yesterday while I was packing, I came across a box of Jeff’s old family photos.  Look what I found?

Who does THAT look like???

And if that’s not proof enough of Simon’s parentage, check out this one:

I showed that to Jeff and said, “NOW do you believe he has your nose?!”  (Jeff had previously maintained that “all baby noses look alike” and “it’s impossible to tell”, every time I or any of Simon’s grandparents insisted that there is great probiscular similarity.


Finally, a little glimpse into Simon’s future:

It’s the feet that kill me, there.  So wee!


What’s interesting to me is that Simon looks so much like my dad one minute, and so much like Jeff the next.  With just a change of posture or expression.  Genetics are awesome!


I’ve had a hankering for donuts for a few weeks now.  We were going to go to the iconic Randy’s, but that never worked out.  So yesterday afternoon we ran to Abuelita’s (the LYS here in SouthPas) so I could get a sock bag since I packed all mine.  (I may have also run out with a skein of Pagewood Farms merino/bamboo sock.  Ssh!)  And while we were at it, we stopped by Winchell’s and got a few donuts.  They’re adequate – nothing to write home about – but to my donut-needing self they’re OMG SO GOOD.  I can’t keep my face out of that damned box.  This is why we never buy them!


But yay for breastfeeding – these things aren’t going to my hips!  Whoopee!  I may have to breastfeed someone forever.  Become a wet nurse or something.  It’s the best diet plan out there.  It will be a sad day when I must once again refuse cheesecake and hollandaise and french fries.


Now I’ve gotta get to work on that ( ::sigh:: ) kitchen.


Simon is currently occupied with his IKEA stacking ring toy.  He works tirelessly to get a ring on:


And then balance it carefully on the rubbery post.  Mission accomplished, he turns to me for grins and accolades:

And then I die of love and happiness.


Have a great day, y’all!

That’ll show him

Jeff has let me know that while he likes that I’ve been blogging more lately, he doesn’t like the change in tone.  Apparently he says it should sound “less like an email to Kathy” and more…formal.  Or something.


Therefore, from this point henceforth I shall commence an earnest attempt to fulfill his wishes.


My progeny and I have been most productive this day.  Verily, our labors have borne fruit.  We arose early to chauffeur Jeff to his place of employ, reviewing the day’s plans as we journeyed.  Following the ever-sage guidance offered by my liege*, the small one and I then progressed northward, the mountains’ shadows looming over our midnight-blue Elantra, to the hallowed halls of the Glendale Galleria.


Our purpose was simple:  gain possession of some recently-minted photographs of said small one, and seek out from LUSH some improved material with which I might exfoliate and clean my visage, and bring the shine and luster of a thousand suns to my luxuriant locks.


Having achieved our place of conquest at a time preceding the appointed hour at which the mall would unfurl its welcoming arms to the shoppers’ embrace, we ambled through the adjoining Target and acquired a chai frappuccino while awaiting such time as we might collect the aforementioned requisite goods.  We leisured at the front of the coffee shop, I producing fresh sweet mother’s milk with which to sustain my wee babe, my son dining upon said sustenance drawn eagerly from my bosom.  Also I read a bunch of Facebook and crushed some candies.


After languishing an interminable time, beholding a near-constant parade of elderly mall-walkers and various shopkeepers, the hour finally arrived**.  I made my way to LUSH, and in such place I conversed with a purveyor of the balms I sought.  I received the wisdom and guidance from which I had so hoped to benefit, and in exchange for a quantity of money I was allowed to procure the cleansers.


Victorious, with my offspring securely ensconced in a length of fabric wrapped about my torso, I recommenced my promenade.  A quick stop by JCPenney (including a most satisfying appraisal of the printed likenesses), and we were but soon able to begin the trek homeward.


Having reached our homestead, I soon discovered that, in a most anomalous fashion, Simon had surrendered to the siren song of slumber while restrained in his car seat.  With naught but the glowing light of my iPhone for company, I waited patiently in our chariot for his eventual awakening.   As the meditative time stretched ever-onward, I screwed around on Facebook and Reddit.


When the fairies of wakefulness at last whispered their quiet song in his ear, we sought the air-conditioned refuge of our apartment and feasted upon a bountiful lunch (the majority of which was flung to the accommodating floor, in a whirlwind of gleeful cackles).  After but a moment, it seemed, the time was upon us to set out again: this time to collect Simon’s esteemed progenitor and transport him to the airport, for on this day he is eastward-bound in search of an appropriate abode, that we may continue to survive and thrive in the city of Akron.


Having deposited Jeff at Terminal 7 in a flurry of kisses and well-wishes, our day’s journey began its final, most interminable, leg.  The tiny prisoner’s mournful cries soon filled the car, as I – in the driver’s seat – strove in vain to relieve his overwhelming ennui .  Failing in my goal, I resorted to a desperate and much-protracted rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus”.  But it was all for naught; he could not be assuaged.


At last, we reached the local vendor of produce and dry goods.  With naught to cook for and little motivation to belabor myself, a $5.49 sushi roll was collected in short time, as well as some herbed cheese that shall serve as a handsome accompaniment to one of the fine wines from my private reserves (a vintner colloquially known as “Two Buck Chuck”).


We progressed homeward for the final time this day, and within short order I had enticed the tiny creature once more sleep.  I feasted upon my sushi while penning this missive, and now sit – pantsless, with only my faithful hound for company – and await such time as he shall awaken.


So sayeth Kate.



*He wishes.

**OK it was like 15 minutes.


PS> I also made this:

I’m loading the moving truck as we speak…

May I brag on Jeff for a minute?


We all know I have the smartest, kindest, most handsomest husband ever, right? (I think consensus must be “yes”).  After all, last year he landed the awesome clerkship that sent us here to LA.  Which is why we’re living in a little apartment in South Pasadena now, spending a year seeing the sights and making friends and working really hard for an amazing judge.


So why do you think Simon might be decked out in his finest celebratory attire and grinning from ear to ear?

Because by jove, Daddy’s done it again!


Yep, my aforementioned brilliant/nice/dashing husband, the father of my child, one of my top two most favorite people in the world, has procured a highly-coveted federal circuit court clerkship for next fall!  He’ll be working for a judge in the Sixth Circuit.


A judge who happens to work in…

(this is not a skyline one likely recognizes upon sight)




I may be the only person in the history of the *world*to actually say aloud “OMG YAY WE’RE LEAVING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND MOVING TO AKRON!”


But I mean it.  Every blessed word of it.  LA is nice enough, sure, but you know it ain’t my scene.


My beloved future hometown is just a hop skip and jump away from two blogfriends, firmly in the land of proper winter and nice people and affordable housing.  Jeff says the city reminds him a lot of Columbia, which I find very promising because Columbia is my second-favorite midwestern city (after, y’know, Duluth.)




I can’t wait. I want to start packing now.




Next year, y’all. OMG.

(ganked from here)


Granted, it’s only for another year (just like how this current clerkship is just a year).  But still.  It’s a year!*


We’re a happy house (err…small apartment), guys.  And I hope y’all are too.




*Just like last year, the firm in DC is going to hold Jeff’s job open for another year.  The only thing a firm loves better than an associate who clerks is an associate who clerks twice!

PS> My new most favorite gif ever:

(full clip here)