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Many thanks to everyone for the comments, Facebook posts, texts and emails congratulating us on our  impending addition!  We are so stinkin’ excited to meet Garfunkel.  Based off the pancake theory of birth order, this one should be even better than Simon! (Nooooooooooo)


Speaking of my most favorite bigboy, I juuuuust got him down for a nap.  He’s having a very Toddler day today, complete with “tired but don’t want to sleep” fussiness, “not THAT water bottle!” pickiness, and also adorable fun at every turn.  So I’m consoling myself with an Amy’s pizza pocket and some veggie chips for lunch.


He’s got this new trick that I tried SO hard to get a picture of, but completely failed.  We call it the “demon imp” face.  He pulls it with no warning, and it’s the most laugh-out-loud ridiculous combination of furrowed brow, sly smile, and upcast glance.  It’s just…oh I have got to take a picture.  He did it once at dinner last night and Jeff and I both just DIED, then at breakfast he did it again.  We were Skyping with my mom this morning and he started doing it on demand, egged on by Mom and me cackling every time he pulled the face.


Every time I head into the kitchen to work now (even if it’s just to wipe down the counters or make a snack), Simon follows me in and pushes a kitchen chair up to the counter to help me cook.  And he won’t take no for an answer.  He helped me throw together our dinner salad the other day:


And yesterday we made some jam bars.  He tested them out, taking his role quite seriously, this morning:


He’s been a clingy sleeper lately; I’ve had trouble extricating during his naps (there was a 45-minute intermission in my post here when he roused just long enough to get me thoroughly stuck).  But it’s hard to mind too much; before long I won’t be able to nap under him all the time like this.

His little head still smells so nice.  Sweet and salty and warm.


Today is National Frozen Yogurt day so I think we’re going to run to Menchie’s for dessert tonight.  (I’m going to do Indian food from the TJ’s frozen section for dinner).  If you Like Menchie’s on Facebook you’ll get a coupon for 6 oz free, today only.  Sweet!  (Or tart)


And now I’m going to try and finish folding laundry before my helper wakes up.


Happy Thursday!


In which I die of warm fuzzies and appreciation

Working to shorten my queue of woefully-overdue posts, I HAVE to share this.

First of all I’ll say that believe it or not, I actually have some real-life friends (I KNOW!).  In addition to living in the computer, they also exist in meatspace, and before I left St. Louis we would regularly get together at this little institution called “Knitorious Knit Night”.

And for SOME REASON (hell if I can figure out why), they have decided that they like me.

They like me enough, in fact, to plan and purchase and dye and knit/crochet and wrench their backs seaming not one but several gifts for me and my little family.

I know, I can’t believe it either.

But look!  Proof!

A month later and I’m still all blubbery about it.  YOU GUYS!!!

I seriously almost cried, I was so touched.  I was touched until I died.

Wait, that came out wrong.

You know what I mean.

Doesn’t the Dyeabolical blanket look lovely in my spinning chair?

(Psst – that’s Dyeabolical roving on Gretchen, too)


(the matching pillow is in the rocker in our bedroom, where Simon’s asleep.  Don’t want to wake him…)


Guess what else?  That gorgeous Dyeabolical-dyed yarn is special for an extra reason, too.  A secret reason that I can’t wait to tell you all about.  LATER.  Much later.


And if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve already seen Simon’s blanket in heavy use:

And the car seat blanket, too (which has been SO handy, let me say!)


I just get so happy inside every time I look at and use these.  Almost like how I feel when I look at Simon, except I built him.


You, my dear knit night-ers (Ann and Rachel and Deborah and Kara and Mindy and Margaret and Rhonda and Lois and Cheyonna and Kim and Davina and Madeline and Monica and Sharon), are the awesomest people ever.  I ❤ you.  And when I’m back in St. Louis next October with a crazy 15-month-old, I’ll be sure to stop by and thank every blasted one of you in person.



I have decided…

That this will be my new knitting basket:

(H/T to feitomao)


I figure, if I’m forced to carry all my stash on my back it might provide a bit of motivation to actually knit from it occasionally.


Will let you know how that experiment turns out.




Also, thank you everyone for your birthday wishes yesterday!  Last night after I got home from knitting, at which I consumed delicious muffins (plural…), and after a workday filled with baked goods and flowers from my parents, Jeff had presents waiting for me:  chocolates (!), The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death* (!!), and this:

That’s two skeins of Dyeabolical Strong Arm skinny, via Knitorious, just for me.  From Jeff.  Which he purchased.  For me.  At the yarn shop.


I haven’t decided what it will turn into, but first thought is either Wispy, or maybe just a big squooshy wrap.


Yes, friends: I married a man who surprises me with yarn.  I’d say he’s a keeper 😀



* I love Laurie Notaro.  Everything of hers is like instant LOL’s forever.  FOREVER.  And nevermind how apropos the title is, eh? 😛

The last 5 days are always the longest

In just 5 short days, I will have new yarn to fondle.  Beautiful, wonderful, soft, squishy, vibrant, delicious yarn.

Just mere moments ago, I received the most wonderful tweet ever:

And then I succumbed: two skeins of Dyeabolical SW worsted in “We’re All Mad Here”, a colorway I’ve been coveting since it was released:

Unf.  I just died.  Died of love and happiness.  Are those not going to make the most badass HH pants EVER?  Hot damn I love Dyeabolical (and guess what? The shop is being updated *right now* – including some wonderful Strong Arm Sock in the same colorway.  Get it while it’s cozywarm!)

But it’s not quite over yet.  Because even if the wonderful package arrives before 6/1, I WILL NOT TOUCH IT.  I mean, I’ll bring it in the house and set it on the coffee table and stare at it, but I promise you I will not open it.  This I solemnly swear.

So while I eagerly await that wonderful day, I thought I’d polish off the Diet Coke post trifecta in style.

This was me, at work, on Wednesday.  Double-fisting the good stuff:

(No, I don’t have giant hands.  One of those is just a dinky little 7.5 oz can that they have at work events.  WHY?  I mean, what’s the point of 7.5 oz of Diet Coke? 0 calories in 7.5 oz is still 0 calories in 12.  So, to indicate my protest, I always take like 3.  Fight the power!)

Oh yeah, that’s the goodness.

Because I’m hardcore:

And because I’m not *that* hardcore:


In other news, I love that no one in my office questioned this behavior.  I don’t know if that says more about me, or the people around me…

In other OTHER news, notice those beautiful flowers in my window?

Wednesday was our fourth anniversary, so Jeff surprised me with a delivery from Blooms on the Loop (highly recommended – isn’t that a gorgeous arrangement?).

Is there anything better than getting flowers at work?  Especially when I get to go pick them up from the reception desk, which means that everyone who walked by the reception desk saw the flowers with my name and saw that I am loved (for some reason I *still* haven’t quite figured out).  Especially when that means I get to carry them from reception to my office, and everyone sees me carrying flowers.  Especially when they get to live in my window, so every time someone comes by I get to say “Oh those? They’re from my husband.  It’s our fourth anniversary.” And then I get to feel special.  Just a bit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grab a Diet Coke and wait for the next 5 days to pass.

PS>Yes, that’s my work yarn in the background of the flower photo.  It’s always there, just in case a knitting emergency arises.  And it’s somber grey cotton – very utilitarian and work appropriate, yes?

The ol’ middle finger

Because it’s Sunday afternoon, and because tonight I’ll be writing a big post for Two Closets and maybe one to publish here tomorrow too, and because this song ROCKS MY FACE and has been stuck in my head pretty much nonstop since I first heard it, I give you:

I’m gonna go ahead and name this the Song Of The Year for 2010.  It’s cute, catchy, crude, and eminently sing-along-able.

I just hope the radio version doesn’t completely suck ass.  (It probably will).

PS>To sweeten the pot even more, click here.


Thursday was Jeff’s 95th birthday.  Or 27th.  Or something like that. I just remember it meant “REALLY FREAKING OLD.”  Because no matter how old I get, he will always be 2 years and 7 weeks older than me.

Suck it, Trebek!


As I mentioned yesterday, we had a lil’ shindig at the house on Saturday.

Here is a picture of my father, in-laws and dog all singing to my beloved husband, in perfect harmony.

I was excused from the singing on account of being the Event Photographer.  Which is really a gift unto itself.  Dudes, I have a lot of skills but singing is not one of them.  Just ask Mrs. Lentz, my third grade music teacher.  We knew even then…

I had a fire extinguisher on standby.

(Also? Those boxes of china behind Jeff there?  THIS IS WHY I NEED A CHINA CABINET*.  Boxes ≠ classy.  Ever.


That’s literally the only picture I could sneak in before Jeff got even more choppy-choppy-nommy-nommy on it.  Chocolate cheesecake doesn’t last long ’round these parts.

Proof that I was there too:

Even though that boob thing is an optical illusion.  Or something.  My rack in no ways resembles a giant orange pillow.  See here if you don’t believe me.

I hope Jeff had a good birthday!  Though I can’t see how he *wouldn’t*, considering the perfect storm of lunch + family + presents + cake.  How could you go wrong?

Up next:  Fun at the History Museum.


*Which I will buy antique and restore and it will be beautiful.  But that’s another story for another day.

Friday Favorites – 7/16/10

I’m on board!

I never knew I was missing this in my life.  But now I know.  And I need one.


Domestic eye candy.

WOW – amazing white ink tattoo!

Scroll slowly.  And adore.

It does! It does!

Cuteness.  Must knit.

More unbearably cute baby knits.

Poor Sinclair.

This wins the whole Internet.  WINS.

Best of:  my life.


My favorite Regresty post ever.