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It never. stops. snowing.

I tweeted this the other day, but I seriously feel like I am the only person in the northern half of the US who isn’t sick to death of snow by now.  We got another 4″  or so overnight, and with today’s shoveling the drifts are officially higher than our car.  I’d take a picture but I haven’t been outside yet (Jeff missed the bus and drove himself to work).  I think Simes and I are going to take Roxie on a walk later, though, because despite the snow it’s actually not super cold.

Let’s see…it’s been over a week since I posted.  What’s been going on?

I finished an AWESOME project and am dying to show it off but I have to keep it under wraps for a while yet (the recipient checks in here every now and again).  I’m also trucking along on Jeff’s mansocks (yawwwwnnnnnn) and when I finish those I’m going to reward myself by FINALLY casting on for Catkin.  I’ll only be, like, the last person on earth to knit it.  I have some yummy Dyeabolical Tenacious Tencel fingering weight set aside for it.  It’ll be the first thing I’ve knit for myself since, well, those stripey knee socks (which are now hibernating) that I cast on right before we moved to Ohio.  SOMEONE (a pointed look in Simon’s direction) has severely curtailed my knitting time, what with his need for “food” and “diapers” and “stories” and “playing” and “interaction”.  Jeez.

We managed to get our act together and hit storytime on Thursday.  These storytimes are SO much better than the one we went to in LA.  More chaotic, but more fun.  Also, there are at least 4 other pregnant moms in the toddler group (plus the teacher/librarian, too).  I’d try to make friends if I weren’t so damn shy.  And of course the kids are still a little too young to really play with each other, so there’s not even really the whole “hey your kid and my kid like to play together! Want to come to our house for a playdate?” opening.  Ah well.  Moving in 6 months anyway; I’ll just try harder to make more friends in our next city.

Simon was LOVING the tunnels during the free play time:

After storytime was over we weren’t quite ready to go home but didn’t have any errands to do, so I called Jeff and asked if we could take him to lunch (one of the benefits of living 5 minutes down the road from his work!).  We also seized the opportunity to get official “helping Daddy at work” pictures for this office:

Simon is terribly helpful, you see.

Because Jeff and I are boring and old, we didn’t make any plans for Valentine’s Day.  But then it turned out that Sarah was free, and there was a showing of the Lego Movie that ended before Simon’s bedtime, and when the stars align so perfectly you can’t just not take advantage of it.  So we ditched the baby and went on a romantic date to see a kid’s movie (lol).  AND IT WAS AWESOME.  It’s one of those movies that really truly isn’t just a kid’s movie or a grownup movie.  I really can’t remember the last time I liked a movie so well.  Can’t wait to get it on Blu-Ray and share it with Simes when he’s a bit older 🙂

On Saturday we decided to head up to Cleveland and visit the children’s museum, since our last couple of family adventures have been more grownup oriented (the Akron art museum doesn’t really hold a lot of entertainment value for the under-2 set ;-)).  It was a little bit expensive for the three of us to get in ($8/person, even though there wasn’t really anything even remotely interesting for grownups), but Simon LOVED the whole thing so I guess he got $24 worth of fun out of it for all of us.  (Seriously though – since kids get reduced/free admission to a lot of grownup events, doesn’t it seem like grownups should get it for kid events?  It’s not like Jeff and I were personally enriched by the fake grocery store or fire truck setups).

Here is where I spam you, big time.  Sorry (not sorry).

We spent the first half hour or so in a play area that was done up like a farm, for the really young crowd:

Simon spent most of his efforts repeatedly mowing the carpet, but he also took a turn on the tumbling/crawling mats and played with the silo/crops activity.  At one point when we’d just been there for a few minutes, Jeff and I were watching him play and Jeff said to me:  “See how he’s over playing all alone?  I wish he’d play with the other kids.”  I told Jeff, “What do you think we’re doing?”  We looked around and sure enough, across the room was a cluster of other parents all socializing, while we were off in the opposite corner with our arms crossed.


At least we know where he gets it 😛

Also, one of the moms in the room was wearing a “flags of the confederacy” t-shirt with camo pants and combat boots.  I’m not sure they would’ve been our type, anyway.

More than the farm area, though, Simes loved the suspension bridge that was in the “city” (bank/grocery store/doctor’s office area):

After a few hesitant steps, he was trotting back and forth across it like a pro.

But the best thing of ALL was the water activity.  This thing was so cool, even as a grownup.  (Maybe I did get my $8 worth after all)

They had rain jackets in every size and step stools for the little ones, and Simon immediately cozied up to the table and set to work.

For a while, his primary occupation consisted of holding his arm over a spout and sending water jetting up his sleeve (so much for the cute little rain jacket).

Explaining his master plan to Daddy:

They had a bunch of bath and pool toys, magnetic fishing poles and random floaties:


Further upstream (we were at the downstream end) there were more complicated things set into the table – mechanical water wheels, locks, etc. – but those were arranged at a higher level (apparently for older kids and, you know, gravity) so we didn’t mess with them too much.  Not gonna lie, I sort of wanted to go play, but Jeff wouldn’t let me shove 6-year-olds out of the way.

Once the little dude was thoroughly waterlogged and getting cranky, we headed home (after a full wardrobe change in the car, of course).  He conked out before we even made it onto the highway.  Success!

Sunday was quiet – Jeff judged a mock trial thing and we ran out for haircuts and FroYo – and that was our weekend!  Just right 🙂

We’ve officially reached the stage where I adore sleepy Simon pictures more than ever, as they belie the sheer chaos that encircles his every waking moment.  I look at pictures like this and he’s just so quiet and peaceful and I love it.  But then he wakes up and we go spin in circles and play fetch with the dog and build  massive block towers just to kick them down, and that’s even more fun.

Isn’t he just utterly kissable?

This afternoon we’re making 12-grain sandwich bread:

I use this recipe and Bob’s Red Mill 12-grain cereal, which makes the whole thing so easy that most of the time it’s honestly more convenient than going to the store.  And it tastes like a gazillion times better too, because DUH.  (Also I add 2T each of vital wheat gluten and soy lecithin, because I can.  It also helps the dough have a little more resilience, while still being soft and tender.  Come to think of it, I could use some vital wheat gluten and soy lecithin for myself. :-P)

And now I need to go tend to my dough and build some of those aforementioned block towers.  Hi-YA!


One down, forty billion to go

…or something.


Today I gave one of the first handmade gifts of the season:


That is, of course, rageguy.  I found the pattern from Lexysaurus Rex on Etsy and knew it would be perfect for my officemate (he’s an avid Redditer and all-around awesome nerd.).  It was super quick to put together, and the frame really adds a nice touch, I think.  (That’s the same frame type I use for my collection of Rembrandts, coincidentally.)


HOWEVER, we should probably be concerned, because Tom said his first suspicion – during the pre-opening present squeezing activities – was that I’d gifted him a framed picture of Rick Astley, or of Goatse*.  I mean, what does he take me for?


(Answer: after he told me that, I thought, “Damn!  That would’ve been brilliant!” and tucked the idea away for future gift-giving occasions).


PS>I have been alerted that this has been added to Reddit.  Stroke my tiny fragile ego and give it an upvote?


*Don’t Google that, Mom.

Top Ten Reasons to Commute by Bike

10.  The opportunity to “wake up” for the day by dodging assholes in black Tauruses.

9.  Bugs – especially those picked out of your teeth – are an excellent source of protein.

8.  Carrying heavy, awkwardly-shaped, wheeled things  up and down stairs is fun!  Bonus points if it must be done at both ends of your journey.

7.  Play “Tetris in Real Life” as you cram a potted plant, travel mug of tea, lunchbag, zippered portfolio, U-lock and purse all into one small wire basket.  (Or, if you’re especially coordinated and/or daring, balanced on the rear rack).

6.  Discover all sorts of exciting new ways to MacGuyver yourself into some semblance of kempt-ness in an office restroom, using only paper towels, a faucet, and Chapstick.

5.  Never get coerced into driving the lunchtime carpool.

4.  The thrill of feeling your knees buckle as you climb the stairs to your third-floor office, after trying that particularly invigorating, hilly route.  Bonus points if you must grab the staircase railing to prevent toppling over.

3.  An easy excuse to go home early:  “Uh-oh…here comes the rain!  Better try and stay ahead of the weather.”  (Most effective after 4:30, or 4:00 on Friday)

2. Learn – or invent – all sorts of fancy new insults for the douchebag who stopped in the crosswalk, the asshat who left a snarky note tied to your handlebars, and the dimbulb who told you to “go ride on the sidewalk!’.

And the number one reason to commute by bike…

1.  Helmet hair is sexy as hell.

Not an Architect

We had a visitor at work on Friday.

He was quieter than most other office visitors – didn’t say a word the whole time.  He offered no professional expertise or skill, but great moral support.  He paced a bit, and drank lots of water, and looked at us all adoringly.

Meet Toby.

Toby belongs to one of our project managers, and he (the dog, not the project manager) is just about the cutest, lovingest, nicest guy I’ve ever met.

No offense to Jeff.

And what a great smile, too!

I tried to take him home with me, but his dad wouldn’t let me.

Then I threatened to withhold his next paycheck, unless he brings Toby in again, and soon.

He did agree to that.

Next time, I’m gonna put the Tobester.  Think he can answer phones?


You may not know this, but office dogs are actually pretty common at architectural firms.  (don’t know if it’s the same at engineering or interiors places :-P).  It was great having Toby there; I always feel so much calmer and happier when there’s a dog around, like it makes those 9 hours of my day that much more bearable.  Plus the whole phone-answering potential.

Why you don’t want to work with me

Tonight our IT guy has to run some updates on the computer system here at work, so he asked me to let everyone know.

Me being me, of course, this is how I did it – via post-its on the office door:

Top: “Tonight – leave computers on and logged off, please! -K”

Bottom: “Furry punching alien monster will punch you if you don’t log off!!!”

Fear the office manager! (for she is a lunatic)

Pity my co-workers.

Bet you wish…

…that you worked in my office today!

To celebrate a co-worker’s birthday, last night I made one of these cheesecakes (only mine has raspberry & blueberry sauce instead of strawberry).  NOM! 🙂

I’ll have a piece in honor of each and every one of you, my lovely readers.  ❤


Work Christmas party last night.  I accidentally made a joke about mooning in front of a client.  (Luckily, no actual mooning happened.  And in my defense, the joke occurred in one of those elevators with clear sides – so the circumstances were practically BEGGING for said joke – and I didn’t know that it was a client at the time.)

We may be going to Chicago in February.  Jeff has the opportunity to attend a public interest law career fair.  (Which means I have the opportunity to shop on Michigan Ave. and re-visit Loopy Yarns.)

I’m going to start saving my pennies for above-mentioned shopping, starting now.  (Err….starting after I go to DSW this morning, that is).

My mom is currently in Kirksville for a craft/art show up there.  I wish I could’ve gone (see: Christmas party last night).

I’m still toying with the idea of starting a daily style blog.  Not because I think my style is anything exceptional, but just because it seems like it would be fun.  (However, this may be one of those things that’s more fun to think about than it is to actually do.)

This afternoon I’ll be digging into a beautiful yarn for what will hopefully be another fantastic test-knit.  The skein is so lovely, though, that I kind of just want to stare at it forever.  (But that wouldn’t really be “test knitting” anymore.  In fact, were I to just keep the pretty skein sitting around I think it’d just be “being a bitch and stealing yarn.”)

13 days ’till Christmas.  We should really get the tree and decorations up at some point… (Why aren’t I motivated to do so?  I’m still not ready to let go of autumn, I guess.)

I miss daylight (I have like 48 billion FOs to photograph.)