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I hate today

We just had to put ‘Tello to sleep.  Sometime yesterday he messed up his jaw, and he was in a ton of pain.  So we made an emergency appointment for  the special vet this afternoon (right after I finished my work at Commencement), and they looked at it and said that there wasn’t really anything else humane they could do.  So they gave him a big dose of sedative and we kissed his head.

Fucking sucks, it does.

He was a good kitty.


A new one

Saturday was just about as close to perfect as I could imagine.


I got a tattoo, we went to the zoo, we wandered the Loop (I bought a book!), saw Jane Eyre at the Tivoli, and drank frappuccinos and people-watched.


Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

The tattoo in question:


Isn’t he a cutie?  I love him!  He’s supposed to be reminiscent of Othello, without, y’know, “being” Othello.  Jeff took that photo yesterday (Sunday), so it’s still obviously pretty rough looking.  I can also tell that he’s going to need a touch-up – his right ear didn’t take, and we may want to change the shading a bit.  But isn’t he adorable???  I love that attitude. 😀

The placement is really significant to me, as well.  As I may have mentioned, Othello has a proclivity for walking back and forth on my head at night, sitting on my hair, clawing at my neck, and ultimately settling down on my left shoulder – he’s my “parrot cat”.


Oh, and the best bit of getting tattooed back there is it barely hurt at all.  The bit down nearer my neck (his tail) stung a bit, but I had no throbbing or itching or tightness or anything.  Definitely the easiest tattoo yet 🙂

I tried being emo once, but I messed it up ’cause I enjoyed smiling too much.

I figure that once I start getting “where are you, Kate?” emails not only from friends and regular commenters, but also from lurkers (<3 you, lurkers!), then it’s probably time to post again.


The problem is – without sounding like a self-indulgent, whiny little bitch – that I’m really not having a wonderful go of it right now.  Othello is sick: getting skinnier every day but still purring as loud as ever and clawing our faces to bits while we sleep.  I don’t know if he’ll be around by the time Jeff leaves for the summer.  I’m not really feeling terribly motivated to do much besides sit and watch Office reruns and knit plain stockinette socks and eat Trader Joe’s granola cookies.


I’m rather off on the whole St. Louis thing as well, and am more than ready for the next chapter (as long as the next chapter doesn’t involve this odd little apathetic city)


It’s pretty much going to suck ass when Jeff leaves (for his summer legal internship in DC), too.  That, coupled with the inevitable summer slowdown at work, means I expect to spend a bit more time mentally at loose ends.  Hopefully that will hopefully translate into increased bloggy productivity.


On the bright side, I’m really excited to go visit him in June, and we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned before then.  And after then.  I’m going to keep busy, and it’ll be awesome (surely the end of the yarn diet will help).


It’s not all crap, though.  Really.  I’ve got some cool stuff in the works.  Ink and extra holes, lots of cycling, and yarn, maybe some more furniture restoration,  adventures with my faithful goggie, and even some cool post ideas.


Until then, though, I’ll leave you with some music that I’ve really been enjoying lately.  As anybody in my office suite can tell you, I’ve had the iPod glued to my ears pretty much all day.  When the new stuff takes too much out of me, I’ve even taken a brief foray back into my murky musical history by revisiting Pink Floyd.  I’m pretty much one step away from digging out the duct-tape purse and Sharpie’d up Converse high-tops.  Makes me want to stretch out on the bedroom floor, light an incense, and wake up just in time for dinner.


As I’m pretty sure you’re already acquainted with The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, I’ll share some non-60’s-psychedelic music.


Brandi Carlile is pretty much the anti-Pink Floyd, but only in the best way.


I’m seriously late to the party, here.  But I’ve finally given her a listen, and I’m thoroughly smitten.  Her album The Story is quickly becoming my soundtrack for spring 2011, much as Josh Ritter’s Hello Starling owned summer 2008, Chuck Prophet’s Age of Miracles took autumn 2009, Jason Webley’s Only Just Beginning had spring 2010 and (as you all know)Nick Cave’s Good Son filled winter 2010/11.


Another new-to-me find is Kate Rusby, and her album Underneath the Stars.  This is one that’s going to live in my collection for a long time, and be appreciated for a long time, I can tell.  It’s just pure goodness.


This next one’s a bit different, but if you liked my Amanda Palmer / Evelyn Evelyn recommendations, you’ll probably ❤ Vermillion Lies too.  Takes creepy cabaret to a whole ‘nuther level: an awesome level.  Separated by Birth is my favorite album, but it’s also the most “safe” and mainstream, IMNSHO.

I’m pretty sure that’s what it would sound like if Jeff ever let the crazies escape my brain.  Let’s hope that never happens.


Now we’re getting really mainstream here (omg someone take away my unwanted hipster cred!), but I’m also loving Metric.  LOVING.

Fantasies is like medicine.  Take enough and I feel happy and energized.  Take too much and I feel frantic and nervous.  You gotta be careful.  It’s an album that wants to be listened to, not just one for background music.


Here’s a really new discovery:  Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion.  I didn’t even have to listen to know I’d love their stuff – having the Guthrie name was good enough to me..  But then I listened – just to make sure – and it’s a win.

I mean, how could Arlo Guthrie’s daughter, singing with her husband, not be awesome? It’s pretty much physically impossible.  Exploration is a fantastic album, though I think it’s best heard as soundtrack to a road trip (who’s up for one?)


I’ll end this little list by coming back full circle, with another great folk artist:  Pete Droge.  This song was my gateway drug:

I first heard it in the most unlikely of places:  a Toyota commercial.  No, really.  And now I’m smitten.  So, thank you Toyota.  (Err…I mean, thank you, Pete.) Under The Waves is on permanent rotation for me, now.


Happy Wednesday, y’all.

No good news

Thought I’d give an update re: Othello.


Turns out that the CT scan gave results that are worse than they thought – the cancer isn’t just in his jaw; it has spread through his skull around to his eye socket and down through his nose area.


They could try and operate on the jaw portion, but that would just create a lot of pain for him and wouldn’t have a significant effect in the long term.  Radiation and chemo would also be options, but neither of those would have any tangible positive effects – not when the cancer is so extensive.


So we’re going to keep him on mild pain meds so he can eat more easily, and continue to take him in for frequent checkups.  Eventually we’ll probably have to put in a permanent feeding tube and do it that way, though at no point should he be in a lot of pain.


We’ll be able to carry on that way for an indefinite amount of time – they don’t know how quickly the cancer is growing, but they can say that as long as we can keep him eating and keep his weight up, he should be happy and content.  Our only other big concern would be if the cancer metastasizes in his lymph nodes or anything, but we’ll worry about crossing that bridge if/when we come to it.


I’m so sad that we can’t cure Othello, but I am happy that we don’t have to subject him to surgery and a missing jaw.  I’ll feel a lot better once the pain med prescriptions are filled; the vet says at that point he won’t hurt at all and we can just keep going as normal.  But for how long? Maybe just a few months, maybe a year or more.


Squeeze your kitties for me, OK?

The most anticlimactic post ever

I have about ten things I want to write about, but I don’t have the mental energy to address any of them properly.  Turns out that the growth in my kittenface’s mouth *is* cancer.  So Othello is at the oncologist right now, undergoing a CT scan to find out if it’s operable.  My day/week/year is about to get marginally better or much much worse, and right now I have no way of knowing which way it’s going to turn (though I do have a pessimistic suspicion).

So in lieu of prettyhappy self-contained daily posts about a variety of fun topics, you’re about to receive one mediocre and rather dull post about a variety of fun topics.



In a move that will surprise no one, I got a bee in my bonnet about all our myriad unprinted, unframed, unhanging photos.  So I set out to print, frame, and hang them.  In a series of unfortunate events (notice a theme for the year?), this ended up requiring *four* trips to the ass-end of West County, as well as a multitude of fun trips to JoAnn, Michael’s, Target, Marshall’s, and even Dollar Tree.  But now I have many pictures printed and many frames and am in the process of combining the two into pleasing arrangements.  Which I will then distribute among various walls and tabletops in our house.  Tonight.

In a particularly morbid fashion, Jeff and I have undertaken to call this a “hanging party”, which fortuitously only requires a slight modification of some equally-morbid Replacements song lyrics.  I’ll be singin’ the night away as I hang up assorted vacation, family, and pet photos tonight.  It’ll be fun?


(this one really needs its own post, but look at me – I deny its wishes)

I made a sweater for Grandma.  She picked out the pattern, and I chose a soft, durable, warm yarn that could also somehow pass for “very inexpensive” (I knew Grandma wouldn’t wear it if she thought I spent more than $2 on the yarn).  I finished it last week:

That’s Peasy, of Rowan Felted Tweed.  I added a significant amount of length because Grandma has become rather stooped (thus elongating her back), and changed the button spacing a bit so she could just do the top one or middle one if desired.  Other than that, I left the pattern pretty much alone.

Sweet little buttons from JoAnn:

We went to Grandma’s house on Sunday, and the initial reception of the sweater was…mild, to say the least.  Remember the dishcloth incident?  Yesterday was exactly like that, only I got pissed because dammit I make things to wear, not just to look at.  Mom sensed my disappointment (the exchange of pointed looks may have had something to do with it), and then fairly wrestled the sweater onto Grandma.

Photo evidence:

(no idea why I look pinker than my cardigan, or why Grandma looks drunk.)

So now we know that Grandma has worn the sweater at least once, and Mom at least appreciates the effort and quality that went into it.  Grandma had better wear that thing every freaking day.  I mean it.  I fail to understand the “too good to use” mindset.


At 11:00pm on Thursday night, I finished piecing the quilt (needless to say, that 2010 effort fizzled).

Doesn’t look like that much work, does it?

How ’bout now?

I hand-pieced that during my junior-year study hall in high school, in my college dorm, in our first apartment and now here in St. Louis.  I’ve dragged that thing through 5 different moves and worked on it in fits and starts.

I’m sure Grandma will get it quilted in record time, and then I’ll just have to bind the little fucker.  Here’s hoping *that* doesn’t take a further ten years…

(Better pictures to follow when it’s well and truly done)


I’m thinking about making a new life motto.  It will be: “I hand-pieced an entire queen-sized quilt at 11 stitches per inch.  Any other challenge is trivial.”


Now I’m going to finish that wall-hanging I started two years ago.


Lastly, Jeff said this a few weeks ago:

and I liked it so well that I printed it out and hung it on the cabinet over my desk.  Everyone who’s seen it has agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment.


That’s it for today, y’all.  Keep your fingers crossed for kittenface, and goddamnit y’all better be appreciatin’ the awesome FO’s above.  I WANT ACCOLADES FROM *SOMEONE*, Y’HEAR?


I know I said that 2010 was a crappy year and could eat a bag of dicks, but now it looks like 2011 isn’t shaping up much better.


After losing Allie just a couple weeks ago, now we’ve found that our baby Othello has a “suspicious growth” in his mouth.  Best case scenario: nasty infection/impaction.  Worst case: kitty cancer.  (Don’t Google that unless you want a major sad.)


He’s in for the biopsy today, then we should have results in 5-7 days.





Believe it or not, I’m rather fond of the little furniture destroyin’, quilt piece scramblin’, face rubbin’, flesh wound causin’ bastard.


2011? You can suck it.



When your gift has cat hairs on it…


It’s his fault.


But what a good helper!