Easily Amused

You know how all the world-class photographers always say, “Carry your camera everywhere with you!  You never know when an opportunity will appear!”

Well I hear that as, “Carry your camera everywhere with you!  That way when you get bored, you may amuse yourself without resorting to self-mutilation, developing elaborate plans to take over the world, or attempting to play a one-person game of Scrabble entirely within your head.”

I always do what I’m told.

Dark car + brightly-lit console + slow shutterspeed + bored Kate =

Kinda pretty, eh?

In that whole, “I’m just taking pictures of Jeff’s car’s center console, don’t mind me” sorta way, you know.

Christmas tree!

Most of these were taken with a ~10 second exposure, and I didn’t try overly-hard to keep my hand steady – I just let it jostle naturally with the movement of the car.

I guess it’s mildly entertaining for a few minutes, if nothing else.

Sorta like my blog. 😛


3 responses to “Easily Amused

  1. I enjoy it…but I’m a photography nerd.

  2. You are probably going to be famous one day. For something.


  3. Katie! I have your prize! Really! I do! Wanna email me your address again? gracias 🙂

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