Three weeks in

Sorry for the unintended absence, everyone!  I miss not talking to my bloggy friends.  And poor Jeff – without you guys to bear part of my annoying nature, it all fell to him!  He’s barely surviving, I tell ya what.  I owe him some cookies or something.

I thought it was about time for a garden update, eh?  Because I know y’all can barely stand not knowing, and now you’re just on the edges of your seats.  Right?  RIGHT?

(And of course I meant to put this post up last week, and I took the pictures then and everything, but…)

First up, the most exciting news is that Mr. Tomato Plant has little flowers!

He’s got even more, now.  Like 7 or 8 altogether.  And I think that means that these will eventually turn into ZOMG TOMATOES, right?  I’m so excited!  A proud planty grandmama.

I gave away two of my nine(!) pepper plants to a pepper-less co-worker; so now I’m down to “only” seven.  These four are doing really well:

I don’t know if that’s “enough” growth for 3 weeks, or not, but I’m proud of ’em nonetheless 🙂

The other three are doing okay-ish.  I think they need more sun, really.

Especially that sad little guy on the left.  He’s 2 or 3″ shorter than the others!  Poor lil’ shrimp.

Some of my lettuces are doing great:

Look at ’em!  So pretty.  I can’t wait to eeeaaaattttt!!!  🙂

Others, notsomuch:

I don’t know if it’s a sun issue, or a space issue, or what, but they’re not doign so hot.  They’re growing a bit, but nowhere near as quickly as their brothers.

(the third container looks much the same – not horrible, but not exactly hearty.  And they’re in a long skinny container, which makes me think that the problem is more light- than space-related)

My snapdragons are snappin’ along (Oh man I crack myself up), and the pansies are doing great!

I love ’em 🙂 So sweet and delicate and pretty!

There have also been a few more additions to my little balcony garden.

Meet the GuardFrog, plucked from Target’s $1 shelves:

Roxie tried to eat him.  So his eye is already chipped.  Poor GuardFrog isn’t that vicious; he couldn’t defend himself…

I also received a delightful surprise from a co-worker, in celebration of Admin’s Day last week –

Isn’t it pretty? And yellow? And perfect?  LOVE!

Of course, we’ve had near-torrential rain for the past three days so I haven’t really been able to give it a proper test, but I’m hoping for a drought so I can give it a proper test 🙂

The watering can was accompanied by an awesome sweet basil plant – my co-worker said, “How can you grow tomatoes without basil?”  Good question – great solution! 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, my new favorite hobby is sticking my nose down among its leaves and IIIIIINNNNNNHAAAALLLIIIING big 🙂

I’m gonna make the best tomato caprese salad, just you wait!  Mmmmmm…

So that’s my garden!  I’m definitely having mixed success at this point – some things are thriving; others, not really.  But I guess that’s the best I could hope for, as an amateur gardener with a black thumb and short attention span, right?


6 responses to “Three weeks in

  1. They look great! The only thing I might recommend is taking that pot of 4 peppers down to just 1 or 2 peppers per pot unless that pot is a lot bigger than it looks. I’m jealous of your tomato flowers! My seedlings are just sitting there doing nothing.

  2. You cutie gardener!

  3. I can so smell the Basil that my grandparents used to grow and dry in their garage. ummmmm thanks for the memory.

  4. Awesome garden update! We’ve had like 8 or 9 feet of rain in the last 4 days, so I haven’t even walked through my chest-high yard to visit the garden since mid-day Friday. I hope mine is doing well out there.

  5. By “flowers”, do you mean “blooms”? I thought so! Those three lettuce plants are so cute! I think your garden is doing well, and I am especially impressed by the Guard Frog! Great idea! Now, please don’t get a Guard Flamingo, or a Guard Whirligig, you know.

  6. My veggies are growing well too. Of course, they are no where near as far along because it’s darn cold up here in dis state y’all.

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